in their possessions  Belukha

   Belukha mountain with a rich and unique history, it is an outstanding object of the nature having the status of nature monument of the Altai mountains, which is included in the UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO. The Queen of Altai many names - C-Smer (Triceps), Kadyn-Bay (top of the Katun), AK-Suru (Majestic White), MSTU Say (Real ice), etc. to Spend the summer in the vicinity of the Beluga whale is the best pastime that you can think of. That's how the tourist club "Horizon" of Gorno-Altai state University entered this year.
    From 11 to 25 August, the tourist club "Horizon" consisting of 14 people (under the leadership of D. O. Kushakova – the head of the club) went into the possession of the mighty and sacred mountain Belukha. The campaign was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the formation of Soviet power in Russia and the 45th anniversary of the formation of Soviet power in the Altai Mountains.
The route passed through the Ongudai and Ust-Koksi districts, starting from the valley of the Big Yaloman river. The way lay through the amazing beauty of the place: the lake Kucherla, Arash CL (Driscoll), lake and river Akkem, Akkem glacier, yarlu valley. Amazing views of Altai were opened to travelers from passes-Long, Loose Tourist, Kara-Turek (1A), Kuzuyak. 
     Especially I want to note the pass Kara-Turek, where you could see the Beluga in all its splendor. She seemed like a snow-white, shy bride, through a shroud of fog, then closed, then graciously allowed to look at herself. The picturesque panorama of the mountains, the color palette of vegetation excites the imagination of more than one romantic. On the way to Belukha turklubovtsam met tourists from different parts of Russia (Perm, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Neftekamsk, etc.) and even from abroad (Germany), who also sought to see this magnificent creation of nature. It is not surprising that it is in the vicinity of Belukha artist N. K. Roerich was looking for Shambala. It leaves no doubt why this place is considered sacred, revered and attracts thousands of curious eyes to see the miracle. Beauty Kadyn-Bazhi fascinates and excites the imagination of any wanderer!
     Possession Beluga, like a Dreamland from childhood is unavailable, and so beautiful. Here the mountains are different shapes and colors, stones of the valley of the yarlu Shine precious Shine, faces glow with kindness, generous natural gifts in the form of berries, mushrooms and cones bring the highest pleasure. 
     Hiking trip of the third category to the foot of Belukha will remain unforgettable and unique for all participants. Each day of the trip brought different " surprises "in the form of rain, snow, fog, Ford, bushes, loose and" living " stones. But despite the calluses and bruises, fatigue, cold, heat, every day tourists went forward, showing amazing willpower and endurance. It is a real test of both body and spirit. Because physical activity strengthens moral identity. In such travels manifest abilities, which man did not know. Fatigue and fatigue after a hard day dissipate in the evening, taking off his shoes and basking near the fire, looking at the marvelous sunset. The whole past day does not seem so unbearable and difficult, thoughts are enlightened in the head, the soul acquires a sense of harmony and happiness, there is pride and respect for their small victories. 
     In the forest, far from civilization, a person becomes closer to nature and begins to see small miracles in everything: peering into the valleys of the endless forests, touching the fog with his hand, playing catch-up with a squirrel, feeling the wind from the wing of a wild bird, running away from the strict look of a horned sarlyk.. The marching atmosphere teaches us to see and hear the beauty of nature. Why do we need zoos when wildlife is beautiful in its nature?! One has only to look closely and listen carefully... it is not Surprising that the route to the foot of Belukha is one of the most interesting and desirable.
     But unfortunately, it is necessary to state the fact where there are a lot of tourists, there is always a lot of garbage. Sad and depressing situation could be observed along the river and lake Akkem, at the foot of Belukha-here and there traces of human stay: toilet paper, garbage, gas cylinders. Despite all the warning labels asking not to litter, tourists do not follow these simple rules of behavior in nature. But our caring participants of the campaign could not pass by this problem, so they volunteered to help clean up Akkem, once in the action "Clean Air". An hour turkluby collected eight bags of various rubbish on a small area of river Akkem, which causes a very unpleasant and unsettling feeling for the fate of the highest point of Siberia. Because the Beluga - the pride of not only Siberians and Russia but the entire planet! I would like to urge all travelers to keep clean: to burn or take away the garbage, preserving nature in its pristine and natural state. 
     The route was also interesting because it ran through the historical places, where the war years unfolded fierce battles between the red and white, where a detachment of red guards were shot under the command of P. Sukhov. At the pass of The long campaign participants honored the memory of those killed in the war, learned the stories of the red guards And the red guards and I. p. Dolgikh, who played an important role in the history of the Altai Mountains and the whole of our country. There are memorial plaques on the pass. One of them is devoted to the detachment of CHON Ivan Ivanovich Dolgikh, which in 1922 took place in these places and defeated the gang of Kaigorodov. This monument was installed turkluby of "Horizon" led HP Nestroevoy exactly half a century ago. In the village of Tyungur visited the monument to Sukhov. Memorable places make you think about the hard, cruel fate of the older generation. The heart is filled with a sense of duty and respect for the people who sacrificed their lives for a bright and peaceful future. 
    Two weeks hike to the foot of Belukha for the participants of the "Horizon" will remain in the soul of a colorful and unique event, filled with vivid impressions. And if you want to see and hear miracles – travel! After all, wandering is one of the most pleasant activities, because far from comfort, a person becomes a free person, acquires faith in his own strength, strengthens physically, is tempered psychologically, enriched spiritually. 
      Do you have a desire to find like-minded romantic walks in the Altai mountains, despite the cold and heat? Tourist club "Horizon" is ready to take into its ranks inconsolable Wanderers in search of beauty!