In the Katun ridge

     From 13 to 24 August, our tourist club "Horizon" in the number of eight people under the leadership of Denis Omarovich Kuspakov went on a mountain hike of the third category of complexity. The participants had to overcome the mountain passes of Losers, Yaldo, Турист1 to see Multinskoe lake, lake Trout, Driscoll, Kucherla, Akkem, walk to the village inegen', i.e. to get to the foot of Belukha, but due to certain circumstances, the original route had to be changed and to go down to the river Kuragan. Here is the thread of our changed route: 
1 day. the village of Maralnik – river Mikhaylovka. 
Day 2. river Mikhaylovka - Lower Multinskoe lake - Middle Multinsky lake. 
Day 3. Middle Multinskoe lake-Cross river-the lower reaches of the lake Nice girls. 
Day 4. pass Sharp (wrongly) – the headwaters of the lake of Nice Girls. 
Day 5. the upper reaches of the lake Glorious Girls-pass Children (1A) - lake Strong. 
Day 6. lake Strong-Strong pass (1A) - the valley of the river Silent. 
Day 7. the river is Quiet-lake Taimen. 
Day 8. lake Trout – river the Third Deadlift. 
Day 9. the Third river Stanovaya – pass Asininity (1A) – the mouth of the river Casinha. 
Day 10. the mouth of the river Casinha – mouth of the river Kyrygyz. 
Day 11. the mouth of the Kyrygyz river is the mouth of the Kuragan river. 
Day 12. the mouth of the river Kuragan-S. Multa. 
Although not reached Belukha, we are not upset, as the unpredictability of circumstances gave our journey a halo of adventure unknown. We were very lucky with the weather-almost all the way covered by the sun. Only once in two weeks it rained with a fine hail, but we survived it safely - in the evening dried in the huntsman bath. During the trip we met tourists from different regions of our country (from Novosibirsk region, Republic of Bashkortostan, Kaliningrad region) and even from Holland. All of them were smiling and friendly – no one refused to help us. Once the guests from the Netherlands shared with us his products. How great it is to meet so many kind and sympathetic like-minded people in the mountains! 
The first days were the most difficult – straps of a backpack pulled and pressed shoulders, at many on feet calluses were formed, it was difficult physically and morally, but any force of the native earth didn't allow to give up. In the campaign we overcame various natural obstacles: rivers, lakes, waterfalls, swamps, "jungle" - tall grass, shrubs, kurumniki and of course passes. There were three of them on our way. It was a Children's passes (1A), Firm 1 (A) and Asininity 1(A). On each of them we found notes from previous tourists. We carefully read the notes and took them with us, leaving our messages for the next travelers. After all, it is a tradition of all real tourists! 
The trip was fantastic and unforgettable. Every day we were surrounded by amazing panoramas of mountains, azure lakes, waterfalls, beautiful flowers, birds singing, aromas of Altai herbs. Once we even spent the night on a terribly beautiful place-on the edge of a high cliff. Looking at the beauty of our Altai, amazing way in my head begin to emerge Altai myths and legends in which rivers, mountains, stones were once people. You begin to understand why the Altai people created so many incredible, metaphorical images of the Khan of Altai. Climbing about 2000 meters, opens a fabulous, unreal world. Nature literally comes to life: snow-white clouds embrace the mighty mountains. Here the air is fresh and clean, here all diseases and problems are forgotten, the soul is saturated with light energy and vitality. Apparently such beauty and inspired by our writers and poets. 
During the hike we saw the immense number of lakes - lake Nice Girls, lake Sturdy and Quiet, Heinikens lake, Trout lake and many small lakes. Some do not even have names and they are not on the map.
Every day we were waited by pleasant surprises. Near the path here and there were growing berries, mushrooms. What we didn't eat a blueberry, currant, honeysuckle, raspberry, stone bramble, cranberries, strawberries. The berries were the perfect remedy to cheer for the tired travelers.. Natural gifts gave strength and will to move forward. Our forests are a rich Treasury! During our campaign we cooked mushroom soup several times, drank teas from herbs, collected cones. 
A lot of amazing things happened. During our route we visited the state nature biosphere reserve "Katunsky", where we listened to many interesting stories from the Rangers. We saw traces of a bear and a family of wild boars! And of course-an unforgettable trip on the attraction "UAZ"! ;D
The campaign was a success despite the bruises and calluses, fatigue and tension – we were all satisfied. After all, these wonderful experiences will last a lifetime! Only now, rewinding all the events in my head, I understand how many dangers were around: "living" stones, slippery snow, swamps, cliffs, shrubs. But as we adequately coped with all tasks of the tourist and returned home safe and sound. Overwhelmed with pride for himself and his companions! 
If you crave adventure and unforgettable impressions, want to get adrenaline, to awaken creative inspiration, to feel the live sounds of nature, to breathe the aromas of mountain forests, to get the harmony of body and soul – gather and go to the August campaign! This is the richest time when nature opens in all its glory and generously presents all its gifts.