March-wayward month and very unpredictable, especially in the mountains. He prepared for the participants of the tourist club "Horizon" of Gorno-Altai state University a lot of tests for strength and endurance. But at the same time gave an unforgettable tour of the fabulous places of Altai. 
     From 6 to 15 March turklub "Horizon" consisting of seven people met spring in the vicinity of the Seminsky ridge. Ski trip of the second category lasted 10 days and took place in Chemal And Shebalinsky areas. The trip was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Soviet red Army and the 25th anniversary of the flag of the Altai Republic. The starting point of the campaign was the village of Kumalyr, and the final point-the village of Shebalino. 
   Initially, the route provided for the ascent to the highest point of the Seminsky ridge - sarlyk mountain, but due to adverse weather conditions, this idea had to be canceled. Despite the changes planned route, on the road met a lot of amazing beautiful places: the upper river Kurata's right and its tributary Kurtenok, sleeping under the ice Touche lake, snow-capped Seminsky pass, the picturesque valley of Sandy river, the Upper and lower CODATA, amazing panoramas from Kudrinskaja pass and other unnamed mountains.
     During the ski trip, the participants took a memorable photo near the obelisk on the Seminsky pass, established in honor of the voluntary entry of the Altai people into Russia in 1756. 
The share of tourists fell a lot of tests from mother nature. On the first day the sun was burning mercilessly. On the second day of Hiking "pleased" wet snow precipitation, forming a slip on skis. And in many places the snow was quite deep – so the tourist trail, replacing each other. As a result, the movement turlupova slowed down. A huge pile of snow was mercilessly glued to the ski, in spite of the advance processing of the resin. It seemed as if huge weights were suspended from them. But our members are not discouraged – "just Think, we feet pumped up"! 
     The most memorable day for tourists was the third, when they climbed the pass without a name, located between Kumalyr and the source of the Kuraty river. On the pass a strong wind blew, which literally blew away everything they wanted-hats, glasses, scarves, khoby (tourist seats) and even people. Well, it was Sunny and you can see in which direction to move, under other cloudy circumstances – our tourists would wander like hedgehogs in the fog. On this day, the skis glided mercilessly. It was decided to remove them in this dangerous area and move without them. But here it should be noted, though the vortex was frighteningly frightening, at the same time, this element produced an indelible aesthetic pleasure. 
   White clouds of snow rose, spinning in a joyful dance, creating amazing pictures. The tops of the mountains seemed to be the heads of giants or even if the Khan-Altai smoked pipe, quietly chuckling, looking at the torment of tourists trying to resist the playful wind. And how beautiful nature on a Sunny day after a heavy snowfall - spruce and cedars dressed in white coats, snow glitters and shimmers with diamond light. And is not this the real magic, the March fairy tale?! If you want to witness a miracle-is to look, stop and watch, you can see the creative nature of nature. No wonder our ancestors endowed mountains, rivers, lakes with human qualities, personified. Take a closer look and you will notice how nature breathes, lives, mischief, teaches, helps. 
     For ten days, tourists have passed the test of strength, overcoming the heat and Blizzard, and sleet. The route passed in accessible and not in the most remote places of our Republic, on the way tourists had a lot of hunting lodges and shepherd's camps, different summer houses, where travelers arranged their dinners and overnight stays. The presence of houses has improved the lives of gorizontova – no need to put up the tent and the stove required less wood. But not all nights of the campaign was conducted in "home" conditions, turkluby also lived in a tent. 
    March 8 holiday caught in the journey. The guys sincerely congratulated their small number of girls (there were two of them in the campaign) and handed sweet presents: "Our girls are undoubtedly the best!"Isn't that what any girl wants to hear?! 
    According to the participants, the March ski trip was a success, its unpredictability left a lot of pleasant impressions, despite the difficulties. It's funny that in the campaign the participants rejoiced in the cold, not warming. Immediately explain to those who are ignorant of tourist Affairs and think that "go in the summer camping is much better than in winter" or in our case – the beginning of spring, because supposedly warm. But you have to grieve-in the summer nights (especially in the highlands) cold, and the storm, rain, hail has not been canceled. In winter, everything is simple - no rain, strong tent, at night you can dry all your things, on duty near the stove, and no problems with the cold, but in the summer is not so simple! 
    Hike safely tourists passed and it is a merit not only a large number of houses. A great role in the successful passage of the route was played by the cheerful mood of the team, where there are people with a large supply of positive energy, who cheer and set up a positive mood: "What a good day!", "A wonderful tent!", "What glorious weather's turned out to us, guys!", "Wow, delicious water"! "And life is good, isn't it?!"These simple words cause a smile and a sense of optimism, so often it is necessary to say such affirmations and change your life for the better. 
   In the campaign all the possibilities of his body tourists "tested" in different kinds of sports in ski racing, executing acrobatic moves during descents, stayed ballerinas thanks to tourism reversals, saw its possibilities of twine. In addition, the "sharpened" his skills in camp life, breathed the mountain air, got a big charge of adrenaline. 
     Tourist club "Horizon" strongly recommends to spend the first days of spring skiing in the fairy Kingdom of Altai. This exciting pastime contributes to the expansion of horizons, the ability to find a soul mate at the evening fire, the ability to enjoy the beauty of his native Republic.. Such an active holiday has many advantages for the body-a beautiful and inflated figure, the opportunity to sunbathe in the" natural " Solarium! And most importantly-it is useful for the soul to throw out all the accumulated negative and leave unforgettable and pleasant memories in your heart.