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           The traditions and functions of the main center of sports tourism of the Altai Mountains have been preserved here for more than 50 years. Students first learn the "basics" of tourism, then get involved in this interesting business on a serious, learn, train, improve and improve tourism skills in sports campaigns and competitions and to the end of the University go to a real professional level. The children come from campaigns full of energy and enthusiasm, the memory of hikes they keep for a long time, meeting with friends, looking at photos, going to new and exciting journey. Going once, you are sure to pass more than one categorical campaign. This is a good school of life, where in extreme conditions they learn to build a fire and cook food in any weather, learn patience and the ability to communicate, find and maintain true friendship, learn to appreciate and protect their small homeland. The club has a school of instructors, where students can get tourist knowledge and skills in the programs of primary, basic and specialized levels of training of sports tourism.

        Every year, the tourist club "Horizon" makes Hiking different categories of difficulty: skiing, Hiking, water. The participants of the tour are students Gaga all faculties.

                                                                               Direction of activity:
1.   Promotion of healthy lifestyle.
2. The mass of tourist-recreational activities: Hiking weekend, the tourist rally of freshmen Gaga.
3. Conduct and participate in multi-day tourist trips (pedestrian, ski, water) on the territory of the Altai Republic (shavlinskie, Karakol, Multinskoe lake, Kucherla, AK-Kem lake-Taimenye, Darashkol, Teletskoye, AK-TRU, to the foot of Belukha, the Katun, North-Chui, Kurai ridge, the ridge. Long and much more)
4. Participation in competitions in sports tourism, as well as annual water competitions on the Biya river in the tourist class of rafts.
5. Participated in refereeing of competitions on sports tourism, as well as judging by rafting and whitewater: from the local to the national level (R. Mima and R. SEMA, the river Chuya, Katun river)
6. Organizing and conducting sports training (Jogging, gym, rope, + skaladrom)
7. Organization and holding of tourist evenings, meetings and other cultural events (points of Hiking, dedication to tourists, February 23, March 8, Old new year, etc.))